Chelsea Village – Shops and Boutiques

May 31, 2016·by bricprop·in Chelsea-Village, The BRIC Lifestyle

Down the road from Maynardville Park lies a string of boutique stores and fantastic art shops.

Some of the attractions include a Thai restaurant and bar called Erawan, Chelsea Hair Boutique, Lis Spa for relaxation, Eclectica Antiques & Art, as well as In-Fin-Art for avid collectors. Like many other shops and studios in the area, these stores are housed in Georgian cottages and all seem to have their own distinct charms.

‘The Chelsea Court’ is also home to a few interior decor shops like Persepolis Carpet Bazaar and L’Orangerie. As lovers of luxury urban living, the selection of interior products and decor boutiques really excited us. A showroom which we were particularly drawn to was Pierre Cronje’s, whose studio specialises in quality, hand-crafted furniture.

We checked online for more information on his workshop and we were greeted with this very moving quote from Pierre himself:

“I am inspired by the Symbiotic Wisdom of Wood and Mankind. Furniture Design is the transformative process that guides and shapes wood towards revealing its final purpose.”


Pierre’s meticulous approach is expressed in each piece of furniture they design. Their remarkable showroom tastefully shows off their craftsmanship and their love of working with solid wood. Each piece of furniture is a work of art.

Pierre Cronje launched over three decades ago as a local business specialising in furniture restoration and the production of furniture in classic English style. Their strong reputation grew with the demand for custom, high quality, hand-crafted furniture. With his ability to incorporate South African heritage in new designs for modern lifestyle, the business expanded locally and internationally.

With a studio at home in Chelsea Village, we can imagine what kind of inspiration this area may bring. We can clearly see why Pierre Cronje is widely recognised as being synonymous with high quality craftsmanship and design excellence.

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