Eagle Glass & Aluminium

We love working with people who truly enjoy what they do. It’s inspiring to us, creates an excellent team dynamic, and ensures that the end products are installed with great craftsmanship and precision.

Eagle Glass and Aluminium is our top supplier for aluminium window frames and doors for The Chelsea.

“I really enjoy the experience of the entire process. From taking final measurements, seeing the place for what it was, to then seeing the final product. The manufactured end result of actually seeing our product on the new building is very rewarding. It’s a job where you can physically see your work come to life. We’re excited about the luxury and modern feel of the work we’re doing for The Chelsea” – Duncan Gordon – Eagle Aluminium

With twenty years of experience in the industry, Eagle Aluminium have stayed ahead of trends and developments in the manufacture of aluminium systems. We are proud to have them on board.