Four and Twenty

June 1, 2016·by bricprop·in Chelsea-Village, The BRIC Lifestyle

Four and Twenty is a lively, modern-rustic cafe with the homeliness and character you’d expect from an upscale village cottage. The charm of this little cafe is accentuated by the delicious aromas, culinary design and intricate but down-to-earth interior decor. It is the perfect spot for an early lunch.

With their philosophy of keeping everything as local as possible and using no store-bought ingredients, Four and Twenty have created a uniquely local flavour of experiences, influences, and tastes. We managed to have a quick chat with the co-owners Marijka and Tracy, who are both trained through the Le Cordon Bleu culinary and hospitality school. We wanted to learn a bit more.

We met while we were studying and decided to go on this really great Foodie trip through France. Through our trip we discovered that we shared a similar passion for flavour, integrity and sincerity in our dishes, we found ourselves drawn to a kind of rustic wholesomeness mixed with a good bit of flair. We were kind of ‘food soulmates’, if you could call it that, and we decided that the minute we were back in Cape Town we would do everything we could to bring this amazing experience home.

We have this opportunity to offer something that is very different and very personal to us. The kind of food culture where so much love and thought goes into every detail and food can become anyone’s little holiday. We just put our heart and soul and love into this place and then the rest flowed with it.

Chelsea Village is the perfect home for Four and Twenty. We love this area. You drive down the street and suddenly you’ll get this feeling that you are somewhere else. And Chelsea just has that about it.”

Marijka and Tracy shared some secret news with us; Four and Twenty, for the first time ever, will be open in the evenings starting in September 2016 for three nights a week. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays! They’re experimenting with it this year, and hope that it will become part of their regular offering for the residents of Chelsea Village.

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