Maynardville Park

May 31, 2016·by bricprop·in Chelsea-Village, The BRIC Lifestyle

Maynardville Park is a large wooded park and the ‘green lung’ of the area. It is situated between the old village and the commercial main road of Wynberg.

It is also home to the well-known Maynardville Open Air Theatre. With seating for 700 people and large open greens for pre-show picnics, the theatre has become one of the most loved outdoor theatre venues in the Cape. It is most famous for its annual showings of Shakespeare in The Park which attracts more than 18 000 people per year. Like the area around it, the park has a long-standing history with its first production dating back to 1956. Many of South Africa’s leading acts have started their careers at this Theatre.

A walk around the park will reveal its Oak, Cypress, and wonderfully scented Gum trees. With various bird life, a stream trickling down the hill, and large sweeping lawns, the park is a great place to relax and unwind.

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