Co-Founder's Story | Peter Blyth

After growing up in Cape Town’s Southern suburbs, I spent 7 post varsity years in London and this is where the property bug bit!

In the early 2000’s, London was experiencing a property boom. The significant value that could be unlocked by renovating homes became evident during my London days and I was determined to adopt the same strategy when I returned to Cape Town in 2005.

I bought my first apartment in Wynberg in 2005 and have since bought, renovated and sold a number of properties in the Southern Suburbs. My wife has threatened divorce on many occasions when I have moved my family to the next property renovation project; but thankfully she is still with me and now shares my passion for property!

Soon after meeting, Warren and I, realised we shared a mutual interest in property and in particular taking properties (that others said would take ‘too much work’) and making them into homes that we are very proud of today.

Besides being business partners, we are good mates, with very similar outlooks on life and we get on most of the time (even when we are battling it out on the tennis court!).

We look forward to welcoming you to our latest property developments.