Co-Founder's Story | Warren Adler

I was exposed to property development from a very early age and was fortunate enough to grow up in a family where we built our own family homes. I was always on-site and very intrigued by the whole process; the detailing, the design, the finishings.

Over the years I learnt a great deal from my parents about how to encompass the essence of a beautiful and functional family living space, how to encompass the essence of a home.

I bought my first place at a young age and being very curious and hands-on, learnt how to put together a team of highly skilled artisans and contractors in order to create the apartment perfect for my needs and tastes. From opening up spaces by removing walls, to trying and testing different finishes, it was a great experience. I was able to turn my 89 square metre apartment into a 168 square metre double-storey penthouse. That, I would say, was the beginning of my incredible journey with property and what led to many more property developments and projects that followed.

Property is a wonderful space to be in, especially in Cape Town, as it is still one of the hottest nodes of development in South Africa. With things like good schools, access to public transport, and access to bustling hubs of urban lifestyle, I think we are going to see a huge rise all over the city.

I‘m very excited that at BRIC, we have the opportunity to add value to the urban spaces we so much enjoy. With our meticulous approach, attention to detail, and love for design, we strive to create spaces that will enhance the lives of Cape Town’s urban explorers. Spaces that we would be proud to live in ourselves.